Where Performance & Safety Matters
Where Performance & Safety Matters

MARINE MOJO Exoskelton - Test Results

The results are in ! 


Download the White Paper describing the test resuts of the MARINE MOJO Exoskeleton. The paper demonstrates how the MARINE MOJO Exoskeleton delivers:

  • Shock mitigation equivalent to a suspension seat: 20-25%;
  • 300% improvement in time to fatigue.


20KTS+ test results replicated by independent UK MOD testing:

  • On-water: 25% shock mitigation;
  • Laboratory testing demonstrated reduced physical fatigue.




DYNAV Manual

The first 180 page training manual that brings navigation theory to wider maritime community


A 36-page preview sample of the DYNAV Manual is available


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DYNAV Manual


HSC HFE Design Guide


Personal Protective Equipment

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Latest news

20KTS+ publishes MARINE MOJO Exoskeleton White Paper on both its own and independant MOD testing results demonstrating the effectivness of the MARINE MOJO system.


DOWNLOAD the White Paper

20KTS+ has added the MARINE MOJO instructional video to the website. This illustrates how to put the system on and adjust it to the users size. 

See the MARINE MOJO webpage

20KTS+ Techncial Director, Trevor Dobbins, is attending the NATO Working Group on Human Impact Exposure on-board High Speed Boats in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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