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News, and the latest information on 20KTS+ and related topics:



Date: 20-21 April 2016


Location: Poole, UK



RINA Wind Farm Support Vessels

Date: 30-31 March 2016


Location: London, UK




Maritime Interdiction Operations Conference

Date: 29-30 September 201


Location: Rome, Italy




DSEI 2015

Date: 15-18 September 2015


Location: London, UK



RINA Marine Design 2015

Date: 2-3 September 2015


Location: London, UK




Date: 16-18 June 2015


Location: Southampton, UK


20KTS+ will be exhibiting at SEAWORK with the MARINE MOJO exo-skeleton, the DYNAV training manual and WBV education / training courses. The MARINE MOJO has has been accepted as part of the SEAWORK Innovation Showcase.



RINA Warship 2015 Conf: Future Surface Vessels

Date: 10-11 June 2015


Location: Bath, UK


20KTS+ Directors, Dr Trevor Dobbins and Jon Hill have co-authored and will present the paper HUMAN-CENTRED, SCALABLE, COMBAT SYSTEM DESIGN FOR LITTORAL OPERATIONS at the conference.



NMIOTC Annual Conference

Date: 2-4 June 2015


Location: Crete, Greece


NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Centre (NMIOTC): "Current and Future Challenges to Energy Security in the Maritime Environment".


www. nmiotc.gr

World Maritime Rescue Congress 2015

Date: 1-4 June 2015


Location: Bremerhaven, Germany



DPI Articles by 20KTS+ Directors

Date: 4-6 May 2015


Location: UK & Canada


20KTS+ Directors, Dr Trevor Dobbins, Jon Hill and Tyler Brand, have had articles published in the Spring 2015 edition of Defence Procurement Internatinoal on Command & Control, Relative Superiority Theory, and Training & Simulation.


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SOFIC 2015

Date: 19-21 May May 2015


Location: Tampa, Florida, USA


20KTS+ exhibited at the SOCOM Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) with the UKTI Defense & Security Organisations. Dr Trevor Dobbins was invited to presented the MARINE MOJO exo-skeleton to the SOCOM TALOS Programme.



HSBO 2015

Date: 4-6 May 2015


Location: Lisbon, Portugal


20KTS+ Director, Dr Trevor Dobbins, gave a presentation on the development and testing of the MARINE MOJO exo-skeleton



RINA Ice Class Vessels Conference

Date: 28-29 April 2015


Location: London, UK


20KTS+ Directors, Dr Trevor Dobbins and Jon Hill are to co-author a conference paper; SEARCH & RESCUE AND MARITIME SECURITY IN THE ARCTIC - SYSTEM DESIGN CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS.



NATO S&T Symposium on Maritime Security

Date: March 2015


Location: NATO HQ, Belgium


20KTS+ Directors Dr Trevor Dobbins & Jon Hill are part of the team who's presentaiton, THE HUMAN ELEMENT OF BUILDING NATO MARITIME SECURITY, has been accepted for the NATO Science & Technology Symposium on Maritime Security.



Date: 26-27 Feb 2015


Location: Michigan, USA




Date: 22-26 Feb 2015


Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE



Fast Interception & Riverine Conference

Date: 9-11 February 2015


Location: London, UK


20KTS+ Directors, Dr Trevor Dobbins and Jon Hill, will deliver a workshop at the conference on 'Capability Development - From Geopolitics To Knobology'. The workshop will specifically address:

  • Understanding the geopolitical scenario in West Africa and the implications within the Gulf of Guinea
  • Outlining the capability to support and protect the region from oil theft, illegal fishing and piracy
  • The System of Systems that supports both the front line capability and the support infrastructure
  • Developing the patrol vessel and deployable craft
  • Land-based HQ considerations for effective command and control
  • Establishing and developing the training and maintenance systems to ensure capability continuity and interoperability

Dr Trevor Dobbins will also make a presentaiton on:


Delivering Performance And Safety In Littoral, Amphibious And Riverine Operations

  • Theories of operation on which to base capability development
  • Objective requirements to support successful craft and system acquisition
  • Enhancing training, both on-water and simulation, to provide increased performance, resilience and safety
  • Addressing the human in unmanned systems



2nd International Naval Medicine Conference

Date: 2-5 February 2015


Location: Muscat, Oman



RINA Design & Operation of Offshore Wind Farm Support Vessels Conference

Date: 28-29 January 2015


Location: London, UK


20KTS+ Director, Dr Trevor Dobbins is the co-author of the conference paper; A Marine Design Approach to WSFV Bridge Layout development and Crew Transfer.



MARINE MOJO at London Boat Show Innovation Lab.

Date: 9-18 January 2015


Location: London, UK


20KTS+ have been invited to present their innovate development of the MARINE MOJO exo-skeleton for the marine industry at the London Boat Show.




ICE-SAR Conference & Exhibition

Date: 17-19 October 2014


Location: Reykjavík, Iceland



Maritime Interdiction Operations Conference

Date: 16-17 September 2014


Location: Genoa, Italy



RINA Marine Design Conference

Date: 3-4 September 2014


Location: Coventry, UK


20KTS+ Directors, Dr Trevor Dobbins and Jon Hill co-authored a paper on the design of a Coastal Patrol Interceptor For West Africa. 



SEAWORK 2014 Exhibition & Conference

Date: 10-12 June 2014


Location: Southampton, UK


Repeated Shock and Whole Body Vibration: reducing risk and maintaining performance.

20KTS+ Director, Dr Trevor Dobbins,  chaired a conference session on RS & WBV during the first day of the event. The session will cover:

  • Updating ISO standards and suspension seat testing requirements
  • Total boat solutions - employing the MCA guidance
  • Education & training for employers and employees



MACC [Multi Agency Craft Conference]

Fast Patrol & Interception Conference

Date: 25-27 March 2014


Location: London, UK


20KTS+ Directors, Dr Trevor Dobbins and Jon Hill, delivered a workshop at the conference on Developing A Standardised Model For Training And Qualification In High Speed Watercraft Operation. The workshop will specifically address:

  • Maritime Interdiction (MI) operations
  • Mission planning & risk
  • Command & Control (C2)
  • Dynamic Navigation (DYNAV)
  • Simulation



RINA Human Factors Conference

Date: 26-27 February 2014


Location: London, UK


20KTS+ Directors, Dr Trevor Dobbins and Jon Hill presented papers at the RINA Conference on Human Factors in Ship Design & Operation. Trevor Dobbins' paper, produced in cooperation with Frazer-Nash Consultancy, describes work on 'Defining Operational Envelopes to Support Human Systems Integration Within Fast Craft Design'. Jon Hill, in association with Tyler Brand (Canada), Fredrik Forsman (Sweden) and Trevor Dobbins, will discuss development work on 'Risk, Competence, Interoperability and Qualifications For Fast Craft Operations'.




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