Where Performance & Safety Matters
Where Performance & Safety Matters

20KTS+ Delivers:

Education & Training

20KTS+, working with subject matter experts around the world, have developed a range of courses that have been delivered to a wide range of stakeholders - including both government and commercial organisations.


20KTS+ also facilitates other, appropiately qualified and experienced training organsiations to deliver courses at a range of locations worldwide.


The boat is essential but it is the total system that delivers the operational capability. Design is important for all aspects of delivering operational effectiveness. From designing the boat, the shock mitigation, the information display layouts, the training curriculum - they all need to be focused on, but not at the expense of how they all integrtate together. This challenge requires a team approach for which 20KTS+ is ideally equipped and placed to support.

Repeated Shock [RS] & Whole Body Vibration [WBV] Awareness Training

RS and WBV exposure is a well recognised issue for operations at speeds of 20KTS+.  In Europe, legislation dictates that organisations reduce RS & WBV exposure, typically the concept of ALARP - As Low As Reasonably Practicable.  Solutions include both technical and education / training.  20KTS+ is the principal education and training provider for this topic to the fast craft sector.

DYnamic NAVigation [DYNAV]

DYNAV is a fundamental theory and methodology that underpins high tempo marine operations. Although it is a simple concept, its execution, particulalry in poor sea conditions and in littoral / coastal / riverine environments, requires specific training deivered by expert instructors and coaches.


The high speed craft sector is, by its nature, specialist.  20KTS+ provides specialist support for a number of applications.  An example is Test Coxswain / Engineer training that has been delivered to Government Agencies

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