Where Performance & Safety Matters
Where Performance & Safety Matters

The DYnamic NAVigation Manual


The 180 page DYNAV Manual is being produced by 20KTS+ to support

 fast craft navigation and enhance performance and safety.


See the 36 page sample of the DYNAV Manual to review examples of its unique content.


For organisations interested in using the DYNAV Manual as a training course text book, please contact 20KTS+ directly regarding the purchase of multiple copies.


Due to the DYNAV Manuals production methods, including the use of CAD models, the following opportunities can be offered:

  • Operating organisations: replace the current vessel models with those of the opeating organisation to enhance the crew's identification with the training system
  • Boat builders: replace the current vessel models with those of the boat builder for delivery to the customer as part of the delivery package

If these options are of interest to you please contact 20KTS+ directly.


The DYNAV Manual includes the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • DYNAV Origins
  • The Dynamic Environment
  • Making the System Work
  • Route Planning
  • On-Water Navigation
  • Crew Communication
  • DYNAV Application
  • Multiple-Craft Navigation
  • Hovercraft Navigation
  • Instruction & Support
  • A Dynamic Future

Contributors & background material

The DYNAV Manual has been produced with the cooperation of a multi-national group of subject matter experts. These include:

  • Dr Trevor Dobbins
  • Jon Hill
  • Tyler Brand


The DYNAV Manual has been developed on a foundation of previously published scientific and specialist documents. Examples of these reference documents include:

  • Hill, J., Forsman, F., Brand, T. and Dobbins, T. (2014) Risk, Competence, Interoperability and Qualifications For Fast Craft Operations. Conference proceedings; RINA Human Factors Conference Proceedings. London, UK.

  • Dobbins, T., Forsman, F., Hill, J., Brand, T., Dahlman, J., Harris, D., Smoker, A., Stark J. and MacKinnon, S. (2013) Information Architecture for Fast Response Craft – Command & Control & Human Systems Integration. Conference Proceedings; RINA SURV-8 conference, Poole, UK.

  • Forsman, F., Dahlman, J. and Dobbins, T. (2011) Developing a Standard Methodology For Dynamic Navigation in the Littoral Environment. Conference Proceedings; RINA Human Factors in Ship Design Conference, London, November, 2011.

  • Dobbins, T., Harris, D., Smoker, A., Hill, J., Dahlman, J., Forsman, F., Brand, T., and Stark, J. (2010) High speed craft command & control: a model of navigation and crew interaction to enhance performance and safety in the harsh shock and vibration maritime environment. Conference Proceedings; NAV-10, Royal Institute of Navigation, London.

  • Dobbins, T., Dahlman, J. & Stark, J. (2009) High Speed Craft Command & Control - A Preliminary Model. Conference Proceedings. European Human Factors & Ergonomics Conference. Linkoping, Sweden.

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