Where Performance & Safety Matters
Where Performance & Safety Matters

Training CADRE

Operational competence can only be developed via high level training by exceptional instructors. The 20KTS+ Training CADRE helps training organisations to facilitate this instructor and coach capability. It also supports the career development of individuals working in the fast craft sector.

Standardisation for Interoperability [S4I]

To achieve S4I qualifications, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) and standardised systems are a necessity.  Education and training, supported by the 20KTS+ Training CADRE, helps to disseminate this standardised best practice delivering demonstrable individual and crew competence and proficiency.

Training Centres

Training centres take many forms from fixed locations with significant infrastructure to ad-hoc training that is run anywhere in the world by mobile training teams. 20KTS+ supports both of these by delivering education, material, qualifications, Train-The-Trainer [T3] and coaching support.

White Goods

By supporting  many training organisaitons, 20KTS+, via the 'White Goods' concept, helps to facilitate S4I.


Train-The-Trainer [T3]

Becoming a Trainer / Instructor requires individuals with the appropriate Knowledge Skills, Attitude (KSAs) and competences. 20KTS+ supports T3 activities, particularly for DYNAV and related activities.


Once individuals and teams have learnt the basic competences they need to practice and rehearse these skills to become competent in all foreseeable circumstances. Just as elite sport teams rely on coaches to help them enhance their performance, boat crews similarly benefit from expert coaching.

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