Where Performance & Safety Matters
Where Performance & Safety Matters

Repeated Shock (RS) & Whole Body Vibration (WBV)


Fast craft expose their occupants to high levels of Repeated Shock (RS) and Whole Body Vibration (WBV). This increases the risk of both fatigue and injury. Within Europe WBV exposure is controlled and therefore is a legal requirement to protect the health of the crew and passengers. Due to the magnitude of RS & WBV exposure from fast craft operations, it is typically addressed using the concept of ALARP – As Low As Reasonably Practicable. 

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Effective RS & WBV mitigation includes both technical and education / training solutions. 20KTS+ is the principle education and training provider for RS & WBV to the marine sector.

Health Risks: Acute & Chronic Injuries

In addition to causing fatigue, exposure to RS and WBV is linked to both acute injury (e.g. broken vertebrae) and chronic musculoskeletal health problems. The UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) have examined a number of incidents which have resulted in acute injuries. The MAIB report recommendations highlight the importance of mitigating RS & WBV exposure and managing risk to keep the crew and passengers safe.

RS & WBV Awareness Training Course

20KTS+ delivers RS & WBV awareness training to a wide range of international stakeholders – including commercial and government organisations.


Contact us for further information on course delivery as part of your duty-of-care and / or legal compliance requirements.

RS & WBV Motion Analysis Training

There is a lot of controversy regarding the measurement and analysis of RS & WBV exposure and how it relates to crew / passenger fatigue and injury risk. This course, designed by Dr Trevor Dobbins and Dr Tom Gunston, explains what testing will and won’t do, and how to maximise the effectiveness of any measurement and analysis you may be considering.


Contact us for further information on the Motion Analysis course or direct support services.

Health Surveillance [H-SURV]

Health Surveillance [H-SURV] is a requirement of the EU WBV legislation. There are different levels of H-SURV that may be adopted depending on the employee’s RS & WBV exposure magnitude. 


Contact us for further information on H-SURV implementation or direct support services.

Specific Fitness

There are many occupations that recognise the need for a minimum level of fitness. The risk of fatigue and injury from fast craft RS & WBV exposure illustrates the need for the crew and passengers to be specifically fit to effectively cope with the transits, particularly for longer and multiple transits.

Contact us for further information on specific fitness for fast craft operations and how this integrates with H-SURV and related programmes.

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