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The crew of fast craft typically progress their levels of competence from the basic skills, to advanced and subsequently specialist applications. In addition to foundation education & training, 20KTS+ provides specialist education, training and support to the marine sector. The following are examples of specialist education & training that 20KTS+ staff delivers. Further specialist courses are in development along with the delivery of bespoke solutions for specific applications

Test Coxswain / Engineer

The Test & Evaluation of fast craft has become a specialist task, particularly when related to the effective operation of the craft’s sophisticated systems. 20KTS+ Directors have developed and delivered a unique course to support the design, acquisition / procurement and operational development of fast craft. In addition to delivering the course, Dr Trevor Dobbins and Jon Hill have produced two conference papers describing some of the issues and the development of the course content that supports the delivery of enhanced operational capability. The two reference documents are:


  • Hill, J. and Dobbins, T. (2013) The Test Coxswain: The Human Element within Test & Evaluation. Conference Proceedings; RINA SURV-8 conference, Poole, UK.
  • Dobbins, T., Stark, J., Hill, J. and  Daniels, S. (2010) The Test Coxswain: A Toolbox, Their Training and Support to the Test & Evaluation Process. Conference Proceedings; Human Performance At Sea Conference, Glasgow.
Example of Test Coxswain assessment tools developed by 20KTS+

Maritime Interdiction [MI]

Maritime Interdiction [MI] is an essential operation that requires extensive operational planning, risk management and training to deliver the required operational capability. Examples of MI development work by 20KTS+ staff includes: 


  • Hill, J. and Dobbins, T. (2014) Relative Superiority By Design: Enhancing Maritime Interdiction Capability. Defense Procurement International, Winter 2014/2015
  • Hill, J. and Dobbins, T. (2013) Hooking onto the benefits of simulation. Defense Procurement International, ISSN 2049-5137. Winter 2013/2014
  • Dobbins, T., Hill, J. and Forsman, F. (2013) Littoral, Amphibious & Interdiction Operations: From requirement definition to delivering high-tempo operational capability. Conference Presentation; DSEI, London, UK.
  • Hill, J. & Dobbins, T. (2012) Enhancing Maritime Interdiction Operations using Relative Superiority Theory. Proceedings: NATO CSO Symposium, Transforming Defence through Modelling and Simulation – Opportunities and Challenges" (MSG-094), Stockholm, Sweden. 
  • Forsman, F., Dobbins, T., Hill, J., Brand, T. Dahlman, J. & MacKinnon (2012) Exploiting Simulation to Enhance Operational effectiveness and Interoperability in Littoral Maritime Operations. Proceedings: NATO CSO Symposium, Transforming Defence through Modelling and Simulation – Opportunities and Challenges" (MSG-094), Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Dobbins, T., Myers, S., Stark, J. & Lt Mantzouris, G. H.N. (2010) Modelling Human Performance in Maritime Interdiction Operations. NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Centre (NMIOTC) Journal, 2nd Edition.
  • Dobbins, T., Myers, S., Stark, J. and  Mantzouris, G. (2010) Modelling Human Performance In Maritime Interdiction Operations. Conference Proceedings; Modelling Human Performance in Maritime Interdiction Operations,  NATO RTO-MP-HFM-202, Amsterdam, NL.

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